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The Lending Tree is 100% Kiwi owned.

Our passion is growth for all in NZ.

We specialise in helping you to find financing opportunities that ultimately will help you or your business grow.

Our service is Fast, Friendly, Easy & We are Committed to Your Success.

It could be funding for new plant & equipment, new trucks, excavators, vehicles, debt consolidation or personal loans.

When you take out lending of any kind, it’s really important that your goal doesn’t cause budget issues down the track. Our team of professionals are here to help you secure the lending you need with a loan that your budget can handle.

The Lending Tree is committed to making your borrowing experience simpler and faster.

The Lending Tree is a finance broker and as such will find funding solutions from one of many lenders. In certain instances we may offer you the opportunity to borrow directly from The Lending Tree.
Your Lending Tree Consultant will advise you if your loan is with The Lending Tree or if it is being brokered to another company. If your loan is brokered to another company we will advise you of the fees, interest rate and payments prior to your loan being drawn down. These rates and fees vary from Company to Company but vary from 7. 5% to 19.95%.

Bring us your financing requirements and we will bring you a solution that will work for you.

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